WPT Cyprus Classic 2009

June 18 2009

Gain your seat to traditional the 2009 of WPT Cyprus by the play in the weekly qualifiers of the WPT Cyprus of the full poker d’ slope. Traditional the 2009 of WPT Cyprus takes place from September 6 jusqu’ at September 12 – gain a package of $12.500 prices to this special event d’ excursion of poker of the world exclusively to the full poker d’ slope.

Your Professional Package In Cyprus

The traditional professional package of $12.500 WPT Cyprus includes the $10.300 buy to traditional the 2009 of WPT Cyprus, with a whole the eight days stay included with the & out of crystal d’ hotel of split of luxurious merit; Casino and $500 out of money of expenditure.

Beginning on Sunday September 6, one s’ waits until traditional the 2009 of WPT Cyprus has a professional swimming pool d’ roughly $4 million. Play for your part of the professional swimming pool while appreciating all these & out of crystal d’ hotel of split of beautiful merit; The casino must offer, including a swimming pool, a private beach, a thermal spa of health, a club of health and one more.

How To Gain

Gain your manner with traditional of WPT Cyprus while playing in our tournaments of qualifier of WPT Cyprus each Saturday with 13:00 AND from June 20 jusqu’ at August 22. At least a package of $12.500 prices will be allotted by tournament. You can buy directly with n’ import which qualifier of WPT Cyprus for $300 + $22 or satellite your manners inside as the little of as $1 or 50 full points d’ slope. The satellites start to function on Thursday June 18; see the table below for a list of satellites available:

Cyprus Open Poker Tournament

Date Game Type BuyIn
Jun 18 2009 13:00 ET Hold’em NL $69 + $6

Register Now

Follow these stages to l’ inscription with n’ import which tournament of qualifier of WPT Cyprus:

1. If you n’ did not so much already make, download the full poker d’ slope and install the software game on your computer.

2. Create an account.

3. Open the software game and go l’ entry of tournament.

4. Seek the tournaments of code to colors marked greens qualifier of WPT Cyprus; when you found the tournament which you seek, click on the register now button themselves and are ready to play for your seat to traditional the 2009 of WPT Cyprus.

WPT Cyprus Classic